Friday, December 28, 2007


Hello, Mistletoes!

Hope you had a fine Holiday , (whatever your persuasion), and that you are all geared up for the New Year.

In consideration of all of my new friends and fans, (and you know who you are), I have decided to write one of those annoying year end reviews.

Now, try to read this with an open heart, and don’t begrudge me my exciting and glamorous life.

JANUARY: After an amazing New Year’s Eve party, the last thing I remember is being carried out of an apartment building on Park Avenue by a red headed fireman. The remainder of the month is a complete blank.

FEBRUARY: More firemen enter my life, as my gas heater explodes, and I’m forced to keep warm by baking cookies all day. Finally, I decide to take drastic measures and use my frequent bus rider miles and go visit Auntie Toosh in Boca. The weather is pleasant, but Auntie is old, hateful, and forgetful. However, her trailer is near the ocean, and she recently bought a new flat screen tv.

MARCH: It’s not easy hitching a ride on I-95, especially after dark, but I manage to get a ride with a gentleman trucker. He was hauling illegal aliens from South Florida, on up to Maine , so, he was able to drop me off at my front door in Pig’s Foot, New Jersey .
I helped make the ride more pleasant by singing show tunes, which prompted the gentleman trucker to drive faster and faster.

APRIL: I force myself to do twenty minutes worth of spring cleaning, get depressed, hide the vacuum, and then go and have my hair done.
While at the beauty parlor, I chance upon a contest in one of those trashy gossip magazines, where the first place prize was a complete make-over. I rip out the page and stuff it in my bra.

MAY: I’m soaking in the tub, when the phone rings. Dripping wet, I learn that I have won SECOND PRIZE, which turns out to be a partial make-over. I stare at the mirror and try to decide which half I should have made over. It’s moments like these that separate the girls from the men.

JUNE: The Guiding Light Beauty & Refrigeration Academy is located in a strip mall in Hohokus , New Jersey . My half day of beauty began with an introduction to the sweet but anxious student body. It is here that I learn the majority of the students and faculty are ex cons.
Soon, I began to relax, as the students remind me of my own offspring, (none of whom could master a spit curl, or be trusted around sharp objects).

JULY: It is the hottest time of the year in Pig’s Foot, and my makeup is melting. The air conditioner is on the fritz and my standing naked in front of the open refrigerator causes the parakeet to hang upside down and squawk obscenities.

AUGUST: A dreaded month, as most of the psychiatrist disappear, and a hoard of my loopy relatives descend upon me en masse. I try to be a gracious hostess, but, as usual, I end up waving a knife and threaten to add button holes to their bare chests.

SEPTEMBER: Ever since the demise of “The Miss America Pageant”, I find September to be a totally meaningless month. My daughter, Casablanca, still holds onto the dream of someday winning a beauty contest. If we can locate a pageant for “Miss Steak”,” Miss Construed”, or “ Miss Understood”, I think she might have a chance.

OCTOBER: The State of New Jersey has notified the residents of The Black Lagoon Trailer Park that they plan to take eminent domain of our homes to build a new super highway. Since The Black Lagoon was built atop an old asbestos plant, most of us consider this latest development a good thing. Ah, but where will I go to find the October colors and smells that made our homes so sweet and inviting?

NOVEMBER: As the designated driver for the entire town of Pig’s Foot, I am forced to learn how to drive a big yellow school bus. I have mastered the gears and the wide turns, but the parallel parking still eludes me.

DECEMBER: Well, another year has come and gone. I am toying with a visit to the State Penitentiary to visit one of my ex’s. I think I’ll wear my little fake Chanel. It’s red, with an artificial white rabbit collar and trim. Those bad boys are so hungry for glad tidings and a glimpse of good fashion.



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trixie & Goldfinger

Jingle Bells !

Did you miss me? I was husband hunting on the open sea. At the last minute I secured a delicious discount on one of those all inclusive cruise lines. The name of the ship was the S.S. Food Trough. I don't mean to sound snobbish, but the passenger list was not heavy with blue bloods. It was just heavy.

However,I think I found MISTER RIGHT. His name is Morris Goldfinger, and he's very rich and very old.
We met in the all-you-can-eat buffet line, when I offered to steady his tray while he fondled my fondue. Sweet little man, but a bit out-of-it. He kept calling me, "nurse!"

He wants me to come down to Boca and keep his ticker ticking this Winter. Should I make the old cocker happy, or should I play "hard-to-get"? Whatdayathink ?

Your favorite tinsel tart, I remain,


the latest from Kenny...

Recent Wall Street Journal drawings:

Emlyn Koster...the head of The Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey

Jacques Barzun...famed writer and prof at Columbia University...just turned 100 !

Vinzenz Brinkmann...head of German museum...specialty is ancient statues from Greece & Rome.

* what does Joan Rivers have in common with all three of these men?

A. She had several of her face lifts at the Liberty Science Center, and her old face is on permanent display.

B. She also recently turned 100.

C. She is often mistaken for an ancient Greek statue.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Kenny's latest doodles...

Two drawings recently published in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:

Jean Nouvel, noted French architect...and Rudy, Hillary, Mitt, and Barrack.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Granny Trixie

My darlings,

My six year old granddaughter, Dijon, asked me to represent her during “career day” at her little school, and I was delighted. She would have invited her mother, my daughter, Casablanca, but she had used up all of her sick days at the carwash.

Anyway, the kids were so cute. I didn’t take a video camera that day, but I did borrow an audio tape, which I have transcribed here to give you a taste of my experience.

Little Dijon got up to introduce me:

“Everyone, today I am very proud to introduce to you my Granny, Trixie. She is a wonderful person, and although nobody seems to know her exact age, she looks pretty good when she leaves the beauty parlor.
Granny has done and been many things in her long, long, long life. She was a carhop, a waitress at a twenty four hour truck stop, a showgirl in New York and Las Vegas, an alligator wrestler, a foot model, a bookie, an extra in Hollywood, a salesgirl at Saks, a secretary, and a great humanitarian.”

So, I get up and face this adorable crowd of tiny people, and before I could say a word of my prepared speech, the questions started to fly:

“Do you think the dress you’re wearing is appropriate for daytime?
“How much money are you worth?”
“Was Abraham Lincoln a good kisser?”
“Are you a natural blonde?”
“Was furniture important to your success, and what exactly is a casting couch?”
“How many times have you been married?”

Well, before I could answer more than one or two questions, my time was up, and I had to leave the little tykes and head for the nearest bar.

Anymore questions?


Kenny's latest doodle...

Kenny did this color and pen & ink drawing of concert pianist, ANDRAS SCHIFF, which ran this past week in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Goblins !

I am so exhausted from spending the day shopping for a Halloween costume with one of my least favorite granddaughters, Chandelier.
( her twin, Candelabra, is much nicer)

"Granny", she screams at me from across the store,"Look, it's a French maid's outfit, just like the one hanging in your closet!"

"Darling", I said through clenched teeth,"I told you I once worked for a caterer, and that was my uniform."

"Whatever", she replied, and then pointed to a rather risque fake black leather number." I want to go as a matrix."

"Sweetie, you are only eleven, and the proper word is dominatrix."

"Yeah. I want to be covered in leather, spurs, and carry a whip!"

"Well, then perhaps you should go as a cowgirl."

"Oh, get real, Granny, you know I'm a strict vegetarian. No cows!"

Kenny's latest doodles...

These drawings ran this past week in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL:





Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kenny's doodles...


I pushed the wrong button before, and I messed up on the layout. So what if my lovely finger nails got in the way...TOO #@*&^% BAD !!!

Anyway....Kenny did JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS, a color & b&w of playwright,TOM STOPPARD, and former Whitehouse communications director, DAN BARTLETT.

chow !


TRIXIE...a good neighbor...

Pumpkins !

This is, without a reasonable doubt, my favorite time of year. Ahhhh, AUTUMN ! The crisp cool smell of cinnamon and squished apples fills the air, and dusk hurls it's hazy glow a little earlier than the day before...blah!blah!blah!

One autumn day, my neighbor said, "You can always tell that summer is over when the UPS driver stops wearing those sexy little shorts."

And that reminds me of a sad and strange story that happened here in my trailer park a few years ago.

There was this very pretty, but very shy young lady that moved into the park in late 1994. Her name was Virginia Vidas, but most people called her "Ginger". She was so painfully shy that she had to work from home. I think she stuffed envelopes. I'm not sure.

However, she never left her trailer. All of the stuff she needed had to be delivered to her door, and she was forced to eat a helluva lot of Chinese take-out.

Feeling sorry for her, as well as nosy, I made it my business to drop by and pay a visit. She never let me inside her trailer, which I decided must be the sign of a really lousy housekeeper. We would always chat through her screen door, and although it was rusty, I could see that Ginger was an attractive gal, plain, but attractive.

All kind of lurid thoughts crossed my mind as to why this single girl was not married.

One day I began to notice that the UPS truck was always making deliveries to Ginger's trailer. My curiosity got the best of me and I came right out and asked,” Honey, what's with all the daily deliveries?"

Ginger began to whimper and sob," I'm in a terrible mess, Trixie," she cried." It all began when I ordered a chenille toilet seat cover on The Home Shopping channel."

"Oh, how dreadful. Somebody once gave me one of those, and I couldn't believe their bad taste. But won't they take it back and give you a refund," I asked?

"No, that isn’t the problem," she mumbled. "When the UPS driver delivered it a few days later, I took one look at his face, shoulders, lips, brow, nose, hands, and legs, and fell desperately in love."

"Ginger Vidas, honey, you need to get out more!"

"No, I'm too painfully shy to ever leave my trailer. Now, all I do is sit and watch the Home Shopping Channel, and order all kinds of useless junk. It's the only way I can be certain the UPS driver will come around everyday. I love him so much, but I'm too painfully shy to ever tell him."

I was speechless, a rare occurrence that caused me to leave poor Ginger to her destiny, and shop for new bras.

Well, matters only got worse. Ginger ordered more and more stuff, including rich and fancy desserts, which caused her to gain a lot of weight. Too bad she never ordered any of those crappy exercise machines.

The UPS driver while cute, was a bit dense, and didn't have a clue that Ginger was hot for more than his boxes. Of course all he ever saw of Ginger was her signature. She never ventured further than opening the rusty screen door wide enough to accept the daily package of useless things.

One day, tragedy struck. The cute UPS driver was transferred to a different route. His replacement was an overweight loser, with a bad hairpiece and a lisp.

She never even knew the cute UPS driver's name, so she couldn't call the headquarters and make an inquiry. She was too painfully shy to go there in person, so, she knew it was over.

Ginger was heartbroken, as well as broke.

She fell behind in her mortgage payments, her credit was ruined, and her cable TV was shut off. Her trailer was dark and quiet. No lights and no sound of the radio, television, or the electric bug zapper.

One day, I looked out the window, and Ginger's trailer was gone. No sign or indication, except a large puddle of duck sauce. Everyone stood around scratching their heads, which is not all that unusual a sight in this town. Nobody knew who, what, why, or how Ginger's trailer disappeared. It just did.

All I can say is I'm glad I never loaned her any of my costume jewelry.

Speaking of scratching, my boss, Kenny, who sometimes causes me to break out in a rash, did doodles this past week in the WSJ of: JUSTICE CLARENCE THOMAS, playwright TOM STOPPARD, and former Whitehouse communications director, DAN BARTLETT.

Your favorite moo-goo-gai-pan, I remain,


Sunday, October 7, 2007

TRIXIE tells the truth...

Darlings !

It seems I am everywhere these days, as I spread myself about the planet, in my quest to pump up my fame, not to mention my fortune.

Strangers are waving and greeting me with a familiarity that is exciting and spooky at the same time. Who are these people, and what do they want? They call my name out loud, or whisper it in the ear of a companion, but do they really know me?

I wish I could control it somehow. I mean it's not always easy to be stared at and goggled. You can never pick your nose,adjust your pantyhose, or stuff a fist full of chips in your mouth, as you never know who might be looking.

I love being worshiped and admired, but I too am human, and sometimes I need my privacy.

Hence my plea to all of my fans to be a little more understanding of my dear pal, Senator Larry Craig, especially those of you who frequent public restrooms.

If you happen to see Larry skipping towards the twa-let, don't go running after him. He is a friendly fella, and I know would be happy to sign an autograph or kiss a baby, but give him some space. It's not easy to have fame suddenly thrust upon you. I know all too well. One day you are just another pretty face, then BINGO!, everybody wants a piece of your pie, so-to-speak.

Your favorite famous person, I remain,


* Kenny did this color doodle of Congressman JOHN DINGELL, ( I love that name!), which is running on the editorial page of this weekend's Wall Street Journal...

(c) All of the contents of this blog, including illustrations, are copyrighted by Ken Fallin, 2007.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

TRIXIE was there...

In case you didn't see today's papers...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trixie's Ate-E-Kit

Socialites !

September is flying by,WHOOSH!, and here we are in the middle of another busy social scene.

Many of you seem lost, confused, and befuddled with the rules of polite society.
I understand your pain, as I was once an awkward swan, but years of experience have helped me to cultivate the manners and style of a society broad…I mean lady.

Condi Rice called me last week and begged for a few of my simple points for dining out with the very chic. She was especially anxious about the proper way to eat a whopper.
(For those of you who live in remote areas, a WHOPPER is a very large hamburger, usually topped with stuff you might find at a cheap salad bar.)

You will note in the slightly altered photo that I am gripping the whopper with a firm grip, however extending the pinkie finger in the air. An extended pinkie finger signifies good breeding. You can also wiggle the pinkie to acknowledge a friend or signal a waiter.

Open your mouth as wide as possible and take a quick and decisive bite.

You are bound to spill some content, so be prepared to smile, even though your mouth is covered with condiments. Cheerfulness and fun is the trademark of people with so much money, they don’t give a damn!

However, if you fear you cannot eat the whopper without squirting the entire party with ketchup, lettuce, and bacon drippings, might I suggest you ask your hostess for a cloth napkin.

Wrap the whopper in the napkin, leaving a small section exposed. You can now take a small nibble without fear of dropping bloody goo on the other guest, or your evening gown.

Nuff said?

MEANWHILE, speaking of goo, Kenny did a pen & ink doodle of UNCLE SAM, which ran in Monday’s WSJ.

Your favorite burger queen, I remain,


Monday, September 17, 2007


Ciao ! Chow ! Piezones !

It's me, your devoted pizza waitress.

Oh, I can't help myself. I'm on a diet, and all I can think about is food, especially PIZZA !

Well, to help take my mind off of tomato sauce, hot gooey cheese, and pepperone, I decided to visit my BLOG and see what's a goin' on in da world.

Hundreds of people have been blogging me, ( is it me, or does that sound dirty?), and I think I'm making an impact. Anyway, I hope you are telling all of your connected pals to check me out.

MEANWHILE, I have decided to reinstate my popular mailbag. It seems that there are so many desperate souls out there with so many desperate questions, I just had to do something and make myself available once again.

If you are, in fact, a bit desperate, please write me c/o Kenny at

and I will do my best to answer.

Ohhhhhh, THAT WAS FAST ! Here is a letter already...

Dear Trixie,

The other day I was walking through the park, when I spotted two squirrels making love. It was a precious moment of nature's wonder, but it filled me with sorrow, as I am all alone. I wanted to feel happiness, but all I could feel was bitterness and resentment.

Do you think I will ever find true love?

Signed: Bitter in Bayonne

Dear Bitter,

I doubt it. What kind of loser goes around leering at horny wildlife? Geez !

Also, I hope those filthy rodents don't expect to have the State of New Jersey recognize their


****** O.K., one down and millions to go.

MEANWHILE, speaking of rodents, my boss, Kenny did a drawing of TOM LORD and RORY STEWART, which ran in last week's WSJ. If you think he has any idea who these dudes are, you'd be wrong.

ALSO...Kenny did a lovely painting of me, with my current hair-do and color. Pass this along to any well-to-do single ( STRAIGHT) men you might know.

Your favorite roasted garlic, I remain,


Monday, September 10, 2007

Is TRIXIE Kosher?


Often I have been asked if I was a Jewish Princess. Well, , during my turgent youth, I became a "Jewish Princess-in-waiting", as I was dating a brilliant young orthopedic litigator named Schmecky Bismark.

It was about this time of year, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur ,that Schmecky decided I should meet his family.

Oh, they couldn't have been nicer, and I immediately felt right at home. I was especially impressed that they spoke to me in foreign tongues, assuming that I would understand.

" What a big toches," the grandmother hollered as she gave me the once over, and,"What kind of meshugeneh name is Trixie?"

However, the biggest compliment came when Schmecky announced that we were planning to get married.

"Oy!, such tsores mine eizel grandson, Schmecky! You want to marry this peroxided shikseh?"

And then she collasped on the floor.

We never married. I don't think the Bismarks thought I was religious enough. Not true, I am a person of faith.

I recently began attending a new church located in a vacant pancake house on Route seventeen. It's called The International House of Prayer, ( IHOP). It all began a few years ago when a tollbooth worker from Hackensack claimed she saw the face of Sally Struthers on top of her French toast.

It's a very nice congregation. I love the singing, and the fact that I always leave smelling like artificial maple syrup.

And speaking of French toast, my boss, Kenny, did another doodle of the late Luciano Pavarotti, which ran over the weekend in WSJ.

Your favorite maple shikseh, I remain,


Friday, September 7, 2007

Trixie wants fame, fortune, and new footware...

Tootsies !

So many of you have responded to my new BLOG, and I'm thrilled, if not overwhelmed.

This morning I burnt a roast, banged my good knee, and overfed the parrot. But it's all worth it I feel. Ah, just to walk down the street and have total strangers stare and whisper comments to each other about me, ( words of praise no doubt).. Yes, I'm willing to give up my privacy and annoying anonymity.

All I humbly ask is that if you want the same things for me, you will tell at least three friends about my blog, and then they will tell three friends, and on and on till I become the most famous ex-showgirl-wife-mother-humanitarian-secretary since Laticia Von Trump.

And speaking of annoying, my employer, Kenny, did a color doodle of the late, Luciano Pavarotti, which is running in the European edition of WSJ today. So, if you happen to be in Europe...

Your favorite parrot feeder/personal assistant, I remain,


Thursday, September 6, 2007 and exposing...

Voterettes !

I am so over the Presidential race, and it's more than one year away till the election. How are we gonna stay awake?

Well, during the last election I got one of those silly survey calls, and the caller asked me if I chose my candidate based on whether or not I'd like to sit down and have a beer with the guy. WHAT A STUPID QUESTION !

No, I cast my vote based on which candidate I'd like to see naked. Oh, it's a foolproof method. Just imagine anyone of the current crop, and tell yourself which one you'd like to see exposed.

Of course we all know which ones we'd prefer to see in nothing less than a mummy case.

Nudity is the great equilizer, and I'm all for it. There was even a time when I tried cleaning my house in the nude. Unfortunately, the dogs were laughing so loud, I couldn't hear the phone ringing.

Speaking of dogs, my master, Kenny, did a doodle of famed movie director, PETER JACKSON, which ran in today's WSJ.

Your favorite sweet and low, I remain,


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Trixie does the BLOG...

Darlings !

I have decided to open my heart AND my little life to the world.

Kenny has agreed to let me indulge my passion for sharing, as long as I include his doodles in my posts.

Now, while it's true that I want to hear from my public, don't get too carried away in your comments. A girl has a life away from the computer too, don't cha know?

Your favorite bloggin' beauty, I remain,