Sunday, October 7, 2007

TRIXIE tells the truth...

Darlings !

It seems I am everywhere these days, as I spread myself about the planet, in my quest to pump up my fame, not to mention my fortune.

Strangers are waving and greeting me with a familiarity that is exciting and spooky at the same time. Who are these people, and what do they want? They call my name out loud, or whisper it in the ear of a companion, but do they really know me?

I wish I could control it somehow. I mean it's not always easy to be stared at and goggled. You can never pick your nose,adjust your pantyhose, or stuff a fist full of chips in your mouth, as you never know who might be looking.

I love being worshiped and admired, but I too am human, and sometimes I need my privacy.

Hence my plea to all of my fans to be a little more understanding of my dear pal, Senator Larry Craig, especially those of you who frequent public restrooms.

If you happen to see Larry skipping towards the twa-let, don't go running after him. He is a friendly fella, and I know would be happy to sign an autograph or kiss a baby, but give him some space. It's not easy to have fame suddenly thrust upon you. I know all too well. One day you are just another pretty face, then BINGO!, everybody wants a piece of your pie, so-to-speak.

Your favorite famous person, I remain,


* Kenny did this color doodle of Congressman JOHN DINGELL, ( I love that name!), which is running on the editorial page of this weekend's Wall Street Journal...

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J.C. said...

I didn't read why John Dingel was newsworthy but I sure wish it was he and not Larry Craig caught in the MSP restroom. The jokes would have written themselves.

Trixie said...

Darling, just having a name like DINGEL will always make you newsworthy!