Thursday, October 25, 2007


Goblins !

I am so exhausted from spending the day shopping for a Halloween costume with one of my least favorite granddaughters, Chandelier.
( her twin, Candelabra, is much nicer)

"Granny", she screams at me from across the store,"Look, it's a French maid's outfit, just like the one hanging in your closet!"

"Darling", I said through clenched teeth,"I told you I once worked for a caterer, and that was my uniform."

"Whatever", she replied, and then pointed to a rather risque fake black leather number." I want to go as a matrix."

"Sweetie, you are only eleven, and the proper word is dominatrix."

"Yeah. I want to be covered in leather, spurs, and carry a whip!"

"Well, then perhaps you should go as a cowgirl."

"Oh, get real, Granny, you know I'm a strict vegetarian. No cows!"

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