Thursday, September 6, 2007 and exposing...

Voterettes !

I am so over the Presidential race, and it's more than one year away till the election. How are we gonna stay awake?

Well, during the last election I got one of those silly survey calls, and the caller asked me if I chose my candidate based on whether or not I'd like to sit down and have a beer with the guy. WHAT A STUPID QUESTION !

No, I cast my vote based on which candidate I'd like to see naked. Oh, it's a foolproof method. Just imagine anyone of the current crop, and tell yourself which one you'd like to see exposed.

Of course we all know which ones we'd prefer to see in nothing less than a mummy case.

Nudity is the great equilizer, and I'm all for it. There was even a time when I tried cleaning my house in the nude. Unfortunately, the dogs were laughing so loud, I couldn't hear the phone ringing.

Speaking of dogs, my master, Kenny, did a doodle of famed movie director, PETER JACKSON, which ran in today's WSJ.

Your favorite sweet and low, I remain,



The LD Drummer said...

Again: Certifiable.
BTW: You might want a counter.

Trixie said...

Does that mean you think I should be put in a STRAIGHT JACKET?

chuck and bud said...

Hi Trixie,

You are full of surprises. We did not know you were a redhead? Plus, you are a realy beauty and especially coming from Pig Feet, NJ which is not noted for its beautiful people?


Chuck and Bud

Trixie said...

Mr. Drummer,
Where do I get this counter. Do they have them at Bed, Bath, and Beauty?

Chuck & Bud,
Well, I was a redhead when Kenny did that lovely portrait of me. That's my Marilyn Monroe pose, where she's getting out of the pool, only I didn't have a pool, so, we had to use the sink.