Thursday, August 28, 2008

TRIXIE goes for the gold.

Friends ,

I am so exhausted from the Olympics . Yes, I am an athletic supporter, but the remote broke on our TV, which meant I had to get up and down to adjust the volume for my old worn out husband,
Tumble Willis, Jr.

Since we don't actually have our cable box hooked up legally, the reception can be iffy at times.

Poor Tumble, his vision is so off, anytime he saw someone dive in the pool he thought it was his first cousin, Droofus. Come to think of it, Droofus and Michael Phelps do resemble.

I wonder if the Olympics Committee would ever consider my home town, Pigs Foot, New Jersey, for their next big event? They could use the Pigs Foot High football field, plenty of free parking at the Piggly Wiggly grocery, and I bet the No-Tell Motel would be willing to put clean water in their pool.

Oh, boy, if that were to happen, property values would go up, and we could move outa this dump!

Kenny, my gold medal employer, did a drawing of the late ISAAC HAYES and SENATOR JOE BIDEN, which ran recently in WSJ.

Till we meet again, I remain,


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