Thursday, August 27, 2009

TRIXIE is a co-payer...

Fellow pill poppers,

Are you as confused and bored by all the Health Care reform talk as I? Sick ! Sick ! Sick!, and getting sicker by the minute. All you need to do is take a trip to the nearest mall and glance around. Fat, ugly, and out-of-shape grotesqueries waddling around eating corndogs and taking up space.

So, Obama wants to spend my taxes on keeping all of these skanky whales from keeling over? Puh-leeze, if these stretch marked heifers want to consume all of the deep fried major food groups, then let them pay the consequences on their own dime.

And, in case you care, I am very happy with my insurance plan, The United Black & Blue Cross of New Jersey. They hardly ever pay for any procedures, but the calendar I get every Christmas is so useful.
Also, they keep costs low by using non English speaking operators from third world countries to handle all inquiries.

My advice; eat a radish, do a push-up, and don’t get sick…period!

And speaking of getting sick, my boss, Kenny, did some recent doodles of President Obama, the late President of South Korea, Kim Dae Jung, and Robert Novak, for the WSJ.

Your favorite MRI, I remain,

***** BY-THE-WAY, if you were thinking of having Kenny do a caricature drawing of someone you love and adore for a Christmas/Holiday gift, please book EARLY, as he is old,slow, and lazy…and that’s on a GOOD day.
The fee is five hundred dollars a figure, ( oy! Vey! could buy them a used refrigerator). NO NUDES, as it’s too difficult to draw while laughing.

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