Friday, July 24, 2009

TRIXIE...tried & true


Even though the stock market hit an up bump yesterday, I'm still struggling with my own sluggish economy. Trying to economize and still retain some semblance of a quality lifestyle is indeed a challenge for this good time girl.

Last week I bought an old GirlScout uniform at a flea market. So, with a few buttons moved, and some creative stitching I was able to get it on. Now, on my lunch break, I head over to 42nd Street and take cookie orders from gullible tourist.

O.k., I pocket the cash and those suckers will never see my cookies. They're all way too fat anyway. I'm doing them a favor. So, now they can go back to wherever they came from and say, " I was ripped off in NYC by a sweet Girl Scout with a plunging neckline!"

Speaking of sluggish, my boss, Kenny, has hit a new low by turning our office bathroom into a PAY TOILET ! Good thing my desk is next to a window.

MEANWHILE, I suppose you'd like to see some of his latest doodles: ALAN CARLIN, the energy guy, ROBERT MCNAMARA, FRANK MC COURT, and PRES. OBAMA as ARISTOTLE.

So, if any of you want some Chocolate Thin Mints, you know how to reach me.

Your favorite flavor, I remain,


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