Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TRIXIE goes to Washington...

My fellow citizens of the World,

I have decided to schlep down to Washington,D.C. this weekend, wave goodbye to my hero,G.W. Bush, and wave hello to our next leader-of-the-pack, Barack H. Obama. ( his middle name gives me heartburn, and besides, I can't spell it).

I love crowds. I love mob scenes. I love white sales, (oops...), and this weekend in Washington promises to deliver on all of the things I love.

However, EVERYTHING is booked. The only transportation available is a bus, making all local stops, and ending in Baltimore at some ungodly hour. I booked it, as I figure I can hitch a ride with some of the local illegal aliens.

The only housing I could manage was in the Non-Gay dorm at the Georgetown YMCA. It's a bit dreary, according to their website, but I'll only be there to snooze, so, I booked it.

Now, if I can locate some film for my Poloroid Instant camera, I'll be all set.

Do I live an exciting life, or what?

Speaking of dreary, my boss, Kenny, (who plans to watch the inauguration on his little black & white...oops, again!), did an ad for CNBC, plus a color drawing of the composer for the film,"SlumDog Millionaire", AR RAHMAN, some dude named FRANK MEYER, and patroness of the art & music world, BETTY FREEMAN.

I must go now and wash out my patriotic sweatsuit.

Your favorite political junkie, I remain,


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