Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dearest Dear Ones,

Halloweenie is over, the Election is done, and as I search through my makeup case for the turkey baster, I gaze out the window and see my neighbor, Toots Rodriguez, putting up her outrageous Christmas decorations.

We have a strict set of regulations for exterior ornamentation of one’s private abode here at the Black Lagoon Trailer Park and Miniature Golf Course, and Toots has broken all of them.

I am, naturally, a woman of taste and refinement. You would never see me setting up a manger next to a Pamela Anderson blow up doll, dressed as “Mrs. Santa”, or substituting the three wise men with figurines of Larry, Moe, and Curly.

Of course I shouldn’t complain about all of the tacky light fixtures she places around her holiday display. The glow is so strong that I never need to turn on a light till after ground hog day.

Speaking of glowing, my simple minded boss, Kenny, did a doodle of Obama and McCain for last weeks WSJ.

Your favorite piece of tinsel, I remain,


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