Friday, March 7, 2008

TRIXIE wants a recount...

Dear fellow ultra conservative Republicans,

( no, I'm NOT asking for money)

I am so depressed. I volunteered, I made phone calls, I attended rallies, I gave money, and yet my candidate, Mike Huckabee, dropped out. Now, I have all of this energy, drive, and determination, and no place to put it.

McCain does nothing for me. He's old, slow, short, and his much younger second wife looks like she might have spent some time as a pole dancer, ( even though there is certainly NOTHING wrong with artistic dancing). Come to think of it, most of the Republican candidate's second wives look like former pole dancers. I'm surprised I was never married to any of them dudes.

Give me a break with the whiny Demos trying to sell us with the idea of the first woman or black President. Perhaps I should suggest that my party consider nominating Condi Rice, which would put us Republicans way ahead, with a BLACK, FEMALE, LESBIAN President! Uh, huh!!!!

MEANWHILE, my pinko boss, Kenny, did recent doodles of WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY and PETE HAMILL, for the WSJ.

Your favorite pole dancing Republican assistant, I remain,


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